Community Garden Growers

Over the past four growing seasons we have had great success with our North River Community Garden. There was great socializing last season, and I am sure this one will be no exception.

If you are interested in having a garden bed this year please submit your name to:

North River Town Hall
Monday through Friday
or email
Cost: $15.00.

Council will assign the beds on May 24th, 2022.

Only apply if you are interested in carrying through to the end of the season.

Last year we had a couple beds that were assigned but not planted, this will not happen this year, if you are assigned a bed and it is not planted by end of June it will be reassigned to someone else.

Also, if you are using a canopy and wish to open it, you must secure it so that the rain and wind will not cause it to break. We did have that happen to a few last year.

There are 25 beds in the garden and if we have more requests than that we will draw, if we have less, and if you want the same bed as last year that will be possible.

One bed per family only.  Seniors will be given preference according to age, ranging from 100 years in descending order.